The blackest night falls. From the heavens above a stream descends, a smoky wisp seeping into the cracks of a desolate earth. She drinks and consumes till she is satiated, drunk with abundance. Pools are forming on her surface where cracks once sucked all that was left into a land of spoiled ruin. The Gods have arrived, and with them, fertility feeds life and lust into the land far and wide. A glance to the skies reveals a glittering galaxy watching and waiting for chaos to ensue.

Atop a mountain lives the table of the Gods, Moss creeping over the stone where bread was once broken. The Gods gather for the first sip of Nectar. From the corners of their lips drips a poison that signals the beginning. The stone table begins to seep with a never-ending flow of metallic liquor, rich wine and honey. Olives and succulent berries are devoured staining the fingertips of all entranced in a madness conducted by the god of ecstasy himself.

Delirium flows like blood in their veins. Goddesses greedily drinking from flowing fountains of youth, Gods dancing lucidly, sucking from flowers the nectar of immortality. As first light is shed, the mayhem is silenced. And extracted from earths full bosom is all that brings life and prosper. The nectar is sucked back into the heavens above, and the cracks are revealed in her surface once more. A scene of divine luxury leaving in it’s a wake a path of beautiful destruction and desolation until night falls once more.

PHOTOGRAPHY - Anna Pogossova