A single soul dwelled within two bodies, it was pure adoration. 

They were tied by love and marriage and together they felt absolute. Things changed drastically when they were swept up and torn apart by an unforgiving storm. The man is vanished, never to be seen and the woman in all her strength somehow survived the turmoil only to be left with disorientation, despair and heartache. She wore this collection as tribute to her loss. Its symbolises the duality of love and the ties that can bind two souls. 

This range, titled Moonstruck Monsoon, was designed to be artefacts that retold this story. Most styles utilise components with 2 contrast halves, a representation of 2 separate hearts, complete as one. There is repeated use of cord wrapped around the dual components, which symbolises the lost love she will be forever bound by.

PHOTOGRAPHY - Christopher Morris. STYLIST- David Bonney. MAKE-UP - Nicole Thompson. HAIR - Richard Kavanagh. MODEL Solveig @ IMG