Particle Necklace - Rose Gold


$165.00 AUD 

  • Delicate gold chain necklace with charm details.
  • Dainty Particle Necklace in gold with resin details by Studio Elke.
  • Dainty gold fashion necklace by Studio Elke.
  • Particle Necklace - Rose Gold

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Fine chain necklace with  fixed resin & metal charm components.


Size: 48cm Chain Length. Sphere 5.5mm. Rod 7 x 11mm. Cube 13 x 8.5mm.
Materials: Resin, Crushed Shell, Rose Gold Plated Charm & Rose Gold Plated Silver Chain.
Colours:  Musk Resin & Light and Dark Granite Resin inlaid with Crushed Shell.  
Code: SEMO5B

Each item comes in its own hand painted bespoke gift box.

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