It started with a sphere. 
All encompassed within one whole form. A holistic ideal where time lapsed and moments looped. From this globe stemmed a classic pattern. A motion, cogs churned and pieces linked, creating their own paths, snaking in and out of time. Here balance collapsed. And so formed a being, mirroring the angular features of a cubist she. 
She was almost real, that which overlapped was form and structure, but that which lacked were the colours of solidity.
She was made of stone, and where matter should have been, was a substance intangible to human flesh. 
She moved gracefully but without presence. Like a spirit she grazed the surface of the earth without sound. All that connected her to the futurist existence she now led, were the stone pieces that snaked around her. She mirrored actuality, but if one watched closely she would flicker in and out of sight. She was still just a cog in the sphere, and when time lapsed, she would lapse in and out of reality. When the patterns that formed her looped, she would scintillate.